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Welcome to Project Mynd!

Project Mynd was established with the goal of creating dialogue about and around mental health and promoting mental wellness. 
The world is finally understanding the importance of mental health and mental wellness— and we are all for that! However, it is still a topic that people do not openly talk about or discuss, and we want to change that. That is where Project Mynd comes in. We’re here to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions about things that you have experienced. Your story. And we’re doing this by empowering you to write your own story. Why? So that people know that they are not alone. So that people know that mental health and mental wellness can mean different things to different people. So that we can live in a world that’s more compassionate.

This is a place where your voice, thoughts and opinions on mental health and wellness matter. Come join us as we read, share and learn, together.

For you, by you.

We’re glad you’re here.

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