“Mental Health in the times of COVID-19”

While the world is fighting against the Corona Virus, everybody is concerned about guarding themselves against contracting one. They are practicing various measures to refrain from the disease, maintaining physical health; however, stress and anxiety are slowly taking over their mind.

It is normal to be distressed when the world is struggling with a global pandemic, but it ought to be timely managed. As mental health is equally important as physical health, the concern must be about maintaining mental well-being too.

The brain cells and the immune system functioning are interrelated. An article published by the World Economic Forum has clearly stated that unregulated stress leads to high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances, and impaired immunity and inflammatory responses— something contrary to what is needed to fight against the virus.

At present, different countries have imposed a lockdown. People have locked themselves inside their own houses for days in a monotonous environment, which gives rise to frustration because they don’t know for how long the same condition lasts. In this situation, they can spend quality time with their family. They can face-time with their friends and interact with neighbors while maintaining a social distance. 

The cases of domestic and child violence are increasing at an alarming rate, which is disgusting. The sufferers themselves or even their neighbors can help them get out of the situation by reporting to the concerned authority. Moreover, daily wage workers are having a tough time managing food. The local government can come up with more effective relief packages so that they don’t have stress out on how they will feed their families.

Other probable sources of stress and anxiety are news channels that continuously broadcast updates regarding the pandemic. It is necessary to stay updated with the contemporary situation, but watching the news the entire day causes fear to increase. The expertises have recommended that preparing a schedule to catch up with the news twice a day can help the people deal with curiosity and anxiety. Binge-watching movies and series can also keep the people engaged during this time.

Social media is trending with the terms productive and unproductive, and most of the people are compelling themselves to get involved in numerous activities at a single time. There are high chances that they do not get success in what they have started if they divide their focus in various fields. It may lead to mental tiredness when they can’t grasp hold of everything. Different people have a different way of life, so categorizing one as productive and other as unproductive doesn’t seem logical. 

Yoga, meditation, exercises, and quality sleep has always proven right to calm body and mind. As nature itself is a great healer, catching the sunrise and the sunset, the evening breeze, and the birds chirping can contribute a lot to mental peace and contentment.

The safety measures suggested by the World Health Organization are enough to protect the people from the Corona Virus; yet, panicking in this situation may lead to a long-lasting mental condition if the people ignore it.

— Arnav, Kathmandu

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