Ask an Expert: Part 1

Here are some of the questions that you sent in for our expert, Karuna Kunwar, a Senior Psychologist with almost two decades of working experience. Q: I am usually a soft spoken, calm, and very cool headed person. I do not get much angry at people except for the one who brings out the worst …

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Mental Health, Yoga and Nepal

The land of Nepal, especially the Himalayas has been the abode of seers, Yogis, Siddhas, Rishis, and great meditators since time immemorial. Out of their wisdom of meditation and Yoga, a yoga-oriented lifestyle and culture which carried a deep understanding of nature (and human nature) in its bosoms evolved in contemporary society. Though rapidly evaporating …

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What Do Tears Mean?

Is crying good? Or is it a sign of weakness? What exactly are tears supposed to be? What do tears signify? Although other animals have been recorded wailing at the times of distress, humans are the only primates in the world that shed tears. What is so unique about it? It’s a confounding mystery. Nobody …

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COVID-19 & Mental Health

We are in uncertain moments right now. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow or this evening or the next week. Well, we never really knew but we, at least, had some planned day-to-day activities. And it usually went according to the plan. But the situation is different right now and none of us can …

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“A love letter from graveyards, yet is it time to grieve?”

The grander quest for human beings has remained steady since the dawn of civilization. No, it is not to be attractive, wealthy, wiser, find meaning, escalate consciousness, and other hedonic pursuits piling up in every waking hour. It is survival—the foundation of evolution, genetic propagation and variation. “A healthy man has 1,000 wishes,” says Naval …

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“Anxiety Relief Tips”

I thought I’d share some valuable tips and tricks that I regularly use that help make living with anxiety a little more manageable. Recognise your symptoms: – Heart rate increasing,– Tight chest & difficulty breathing,– Sweaty and shaking palms,– Constant worry/panic/uneasy feeling,– ‘Butterflies’ in stomach,– Feeling physically sick,– Jumpy movements eg. Shaking leg, wringing hands, …

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“Recovery Isn’t A Light Switch”

There are so many lives that are going unseen, unnoticed, and unheard because of the judgement that we ourselves have placed on them. Lives are being lost every day because their mental health was “too awkward” to talk about or address. Many are falling through the cracks of society and are scrutinized and judged because they’re “weird”, “different”, or “defective”— and not a lot of people are doing anything to stop it.

“Thank You, Bullies”

Have you ever been bullied for your behavior or voice or even your appearance? If you have, you are not the only one. I have too, and I somehow was able to deal with it. I isolated myself from people and spent the youthful period of my life alone in my room. At one point, the …

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“The Social Media Effect”

The world has drastically changed than what it was a few decades ago. Science and technology has brought unprecedented development in communication and transportation. Social media has become almost accessible to everyone. Consequently, the idea of a global community by utilizing the vast network of the internet is also on the rise.  In this modernized …

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