“I represent the adolescent age group”

I represent the adolescent age group. Going by movie standards, people in my age-group should have a chill, carefree, and spontaneous life. Well, when I was a kid, I imagined it too and couldn’t wait to grow up. But as I am running in 18 now, the case has been different. Rather than hearing upbeat songs, I hear constant demands. Every day, I am asked, “How are your studies?” Or “What do you want to do with life?” Or “That person has been doing this. Did you know? Why can’t you do it?” Or “Why are you studying/doing that? That’s not for you.” Every day, someone else is making the choice for me. And I must submit myself. Why? Because my family wants the same. They are for social profile. And how can I ever disappoint them? I give in. Today’s hyper-competitive world has truly got the best of me.

Although the story described is only half associated with me, there are many in my age-group who typically live as briefed above. Each day, they wake up with a tightness clutching their heart, with no joy/passion in life, and end the day similarly. As a result, they are constantly low about their feelings. Soon they are shamed as: “Crazy XYZ.” Yes, people in my age-group have been the biggest victim of this vicious social stigma, which has created a poor mental health in us. Why only us? Because we are still ripe to understand life. So we must follow what our parents/neighbors/teachers/adults say. Today’s hyper-competitiveness has bested us, especially my age group, resulting in a poor mental health.

Mental health has been a burning issue in the teenage group. Everyone demands highly of them because they are the next ones running the world. This could have been good, had it been directed positively. But our society has failed in it terribly. Instead of providing encouraging words, they are thrown and beaten down if they fail, adding stress every moment of every day. Ultimately, the individual beat themselves from within, unable to rise and finally give up on life. 

But shouldn’t people have already taken steps for it? Unfortunately, no one has, even though our science has progressed exponentially. Whenever someone even brings up the topic to discuss, people close their ears because, supposedly, having a poor mental health is a sign of weakness in the power-oriented society. So, it forces even those individuals who want to be better to hold all the tensions, stress, anxiety within themselves because it would shame the family if anyone knows that he is visiting a therapist. Rather, they undergo an entire personality change, which results in disorder\poor mental health later, to meet what everyone demands.

So what remains? What can be done about it? The thing that is most important to understand is that humans are free. They aren’t meant to be controlled. They should be allowed to pursue whatever they want after guiding them for a short while in life. Humans have a thing called a mind because it’s in their intrinsic nature to soar freely. Besides, everyone recites health is the greatest wealth. Therefore, everyone should be made aware that mental health is equally important as physical health. Even more, thoughts affect actions. It should be each understanding individual’s role to aware the society about it.

Also, I personally have learnt a few things as I have been trying to help my friends who face the issue. Initially, I tried to offer words of encouragement. Although that was a great initiative, to provide support, I have come to realize that my efforts will pull no one out of the blob. Rather, it’s important to aware the family, maturely, about the issue at hand. If we can make the family understand, the case will be better because family is everyone’s greatest support. Collaborative efforts yield results. 

— Bibatshu, Kathmandu.

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