“It’s time that we break the stigma”

Mental health is a complex topic to talk about, but also the most important aspect of human health. I believe it is much more important than physical health even though they are interconnected in some way. Let’s get into the problem— the stigma. 

“You just have your legs broken. Doesn’t matter, run.” Sounds familiar? No? Because no one tells a person with broken legs to run. We see the physical injury. We help them, we get them what they need, we let them stay in their bed for as long as they want, we don’t call them names, we empathize with them, we support them, we understand they might be going through difficult times. 

“Get over it and stop overreacting.” This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? A sentence we tend to say to every other person who tries to ask for help because they are injured “mentally.” We don’t try to understand that they might be struggling inside, they need our help. We don’t care enough to recognize the fight they have with their own thoughts. We expect them to get over it— like they chose to be mentally ill. We judge and shame them for something that is out of their control.

 We keep hearing that the brain is the most important organ of our body, but when it comes to its well-being, we are careless and ignorant.

“Shhh! Are you crazy? You don’t talk about anxiety, panic, or whatever all this is.” We put aside the only way to feel better and let things worsen. Therefore it’s time that we break the stigma and treat mental health problem as we treat the physical health because it is said that, “Health is the sound condition of both body and mind.”

— Dikshya, Kathmandu

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