*TRIGGER WARNING* “Going In A Better Direction”


My journey started with anxiety in my early 20’s. I was in a long term relationship and initially took on too much with a baby, full time job and supporting a family.
My anxiety carried on till I was about 26 and turned into quite severe depression, there was no support from my partner and I started self harming a lot and drinking a lot to deal with my mental illness.

At 27 I’d tried suicide twice in the space of 3 months and my marriage broke down, after that I had ongoing mental illness up and down for 2 years… during this time a friend of mine had lost his battle with depression and unfortunately died in 2016. 18 months ago last week was actually when I took a fatal overdose and woke up in resuscitation.

Since then I have really been working on things. I got some help eventually as I was constantly on a list with no help available.

I have now started therapy on and off and I am trying to rebuild my life with only a few slip ups and one big self harm. I’m actually going in a better direction than I was before.

I started my Instagram account in January as a way to express what was going on in my head or had been going on in my head at various points throughout low periods within my life. To me, music is around me everyday and I’ve listened to punk rock music since I was 13. I try to write my thoughts down; not only for me but also to share with other like-minded people around Instagram. Whether the connection be music or mental health with each post, I share music on my story.

I didn’t ever expect to have 383 followers just people that perhaps thought they might know who I was.

@mentalhealthpunkpoetry, Birmingham

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