“I Am Stronger Than My Mental Health”

My name is Cole Callender. I am 18 years old and I am a student at the University of Southern Mississippi in the city of Hattiesburg. My dream is to become a counseling psychologist so that I can help the ones that have suffered just as much, if not worse, as I have.

My mental health is what drives me to pursue this goal. I’ve been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder. All of my internal conflicts, ironically, motivate me to want to become a person that people can confide and look up to. I want to be a leader in mental health.

I strive to provide inspiration and motivation for those are too afraid to speak, terrified to step out into the light and for those who are simply lost. These internal thoughts may try to convince me that I am not good enough or worthy of this opportunity, but I will prove them wrong.

I am stronger than my mental health and all of you are too. We are in this together until the end.

— Cole (@puredepression__), Hattiesburg

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