“Thank You, Bullies”

Have you ever been bullied for your behavior or voice or even your appearance? If you have, you are not the only one. I have too, and I somehow was able to deal with it.
I isolated myself from people and spent the youthful period of my life alone in my room. At one point, the intensity of mental torture was so high that I even feared to go to school, expecting them on my way. However, I managed to make my fear my strength. I was able to divert my stressful mind into productive studying and, hence, overcome the fear of people as I excelled in my field.
The only thing I regret is that I didn’t talk about my situation with my parents thinking it wouldn’t make a change. I was so wrong. The condition would have been way better if I had expressed what I was going through. I wouldn’t have to confine myself only to my room. I could have achieved something in the sports field as well. Late though, but now I have realized that communication is a must.
It doesn’t only have to be your parents with whom you share your feelings. It can be an elder with whom you feel comfortable or even your siblings if you can’t gather guts to speak directly to your parents but speak up. It will lighten both your heart and brain. Following your passion may be of great help too.
I love studying, so I chose to do so then to divert my mind. You can do what interests you. Learn music, write songs, make paintings, learn cooking, practice language— something productive, enhancing your skills and personality rather than shedding tears aimlessly.
Life is full of happiness. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy it because of some intimidator.
Love yourself. Love the way you are and STAND AGAINST BULLYING.
P.S. To all those bullies— Thank you for a life lesson.

— Anonymous, Kathmandu

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