“Mirror Mirror, Tell me who I am”

Dressed up in glitter,
smiling with the glossiest lipstick on,
Dancing to your song of compliments
that you sang to every other girl walking by,
I saw me;
It’s Beautiful someday,
Invisible the other day.

I let you define me.
Your applause weighed my worth.
I crawled to find a home in you,
When the only home I needed was me.
The home I went back to at the end of the day
Who accepted me for what I am.
I was not invisible anymore.

I break you, mirror.
I close my eyes,
And finally see the real me,
Who has crushed thousands of mountains,
Who doesn’t judge,
Who admires who she is becoming,
And who takes pause
To see the world through bits and pieces,
One at a time.

— Chandani, Springfield

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